Fire and CGI Brimstone

21 Aug

When we left off yesterday we had just finished our end-of-book discussion of Pilgrim’s Progress and were on our way to reap the rewards.

We couldn’t make it all the way to the English coffee house adorned with stained glass scenes from Pilgrim’s Progress where Jeannette’s sister-in-law worked (did I dream that, or is it true?  I always meant to ask more questions about that cool fact.)  Instead, we settled on watching the 2008 movie version of “Pilgrim’s Progess.” Upon careful investigation we came to the possibly erroneous conclusion that this version was produced by a group of Baptist churches in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Now, I hate to poke fun at these obviously devout Christians trying to put a classic piece of literature into a medium accessible to today’s audience, but . . . well . . . um . . . it was bad.  Cheesy with a side of American.  We came up with several interesting movie-watching games, like “Spot the Youth Pastor,” and “Who Can Count the Most Props Provided by Hobby Lobby” and “How Many Different Computer Animation Tricks Does the DCE Know” and “Guess Who’s Smokin’ Hot Wife Got to Play Mrs. Wanton.”

Then there was the competition for Worst Costume.  Did it belong to the man from the Mariachi Band, or the girl in her old teal prom dress who tied a matching piece of fabric around her head, or the man in the bowler hat, mustache and cane?  Wait, Mr. Help’s orange work vest and yellow hard hat were pretty laughable, and the bulk order on khakis and colored oxfords was also to be noted.

Okay, fine, I will say something nice about the movie.  The scenery was gorgeous.  If that’s what it looks like in Lynchburg, Virginia then sign me up for the next vacation give-away (because I’m pretty sure the Valley of the Shadow of Death scene wasn’t filmed there.)  And the actors seemed like they were probably really, really nice people.  See, I can say kind things, too.

Here’s the trailer.  Hope you enjoy.


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