Open up!

24 Aug

Great-Heart and company have decided to battle the Giant Despair to prevent him from doing any more damage to the pigrims who travel in The Way.  They leave the woman with Mr. Ready-to-halt and Mr. Feeble-mind.  This in itself amused me.  The two men chosen to protect the vulnerable, female pilgrims are lacking physically and mentally.  The mighty men go up to the Doubting Castle.  Great-Heart knocks, and Giant Despair asks who has come to provoke him.  This is a small part of Great-Heart’s reply:

“And I demand of thee that thou open thy gates for my entrance, prepare thyself also to fight, for I am come to take away thy head, and to demolish Doubting Castle.”

For I am come to take away thy head? 
Open up.  I’d like your head, please.

This may be my favorite humorous PP quote. 
This may be the only humorous PP quote.

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