Bye, Sarah! Hello, Gull.

10 Sep

As you may know, or guessed from my blogging absence, I haven’t been reading much GT lately.  I’ve been up to my eyelids in lesson plans and fall routines, but mostly I’ve been visiting with my dear friend Sarah.  If you haven’t met her take the time to peak into her earliest journals.  Good stuff, and she doesn’t mind.

Anyway, Sarah was supposed to go home roughly ten days ago, but I begged my husband to let her stay a little longer at the cost of $0.15 a day.  It was a stretch, but he conceded.  Today we biked her back to her lovely home at Seymour.  (And I may have picked up her final installment, but that’s another story.  Literally)

That means that I’m finally back on the road with Gulliver.  Sadly, he and I are no further than the queen’s residence in Brobdingnag, and what should occur?  On the first page I read it was necessary to make three question marks.  Three!  Here are the terms I didn’t understand, can you help me?

  • August Presence
  • Splacknuch
  • weekly waiting

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4 responses to “Bye, Sarah! Hello, Gull.

  1. Christine

    September 11, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    August Presence–August can mean “inspiring awe or admiration” or “venerable for reasons of age or high rank”

    Splacknuch– I don’t have an end note but I believe it is a small creature common to Brobingnag. In chpt II, the farmer “found a strange Animal in the Field about the bigness of a Splacknuck, but exactly shaped in every part like a human Creature;”

    weekly waiting–no note on this one either. Perhaps scholars take turns serving the king? Maybe they wait to report to him?

    • Christina

      September 11, 2011 at 1:53 pm

      I made the mistake of posting this before consulting with my husband. He also explained “august” to me, and as soon as he said “au-GUST” instead of “AU-gust” I said, “ahhhh-AHHH!” Then this morning I of course heard it used on the radio. I think I’ll blame the whole thing on the capital “A” although ignorance is a more likely candidate.

      • Christine

        September 11, 2011 at 3:50 pm

        It’s seeing it capitalized that makes me think of the month. Rotten, random capitalization.


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