The Writing Machine

27 Sep

While at the Academy of Lagado, Gulliver meets a professor who has invented a writing machine. 

He then led me to the Frame, about the sides whereof all his Pupils stood in Ranks.  It was twenty Foot Square, placed in the middle of the Room.  The Superficies was composed of several bits of Wood, about the bigness of a Die, but some larger than others.  They were all inked together by slender Wires.  These bits of Wood were covered on every Square with Paper pasted on them, and on these Papers were written all the Words of their Language in their several Moods, Tenses, and Declensions, but without any Order.

The Professor’s students turn handles connected to the wires and the “whole Disposition of the Words” change.  Students read sections of the frame where two or three words group together and make some semblance of sense.  These groupings are written down and later the Professor will decode the text and find that “out of those rich Materials to give the World a complete Body of all Arts and Sciences.”

Do you think I can order one of these on Amazon?  It would be helpful when writing blog posts.

The Writing Machine at the Academy of Lagado

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