I want to read the Great Illustrated Classics!

23 Nov

The librarian of my children’s Lutheran school is a friend of this blog.  I enjoyed discussing Pride and Prejudice with her as she sped through the novel.  Volunteering in the library last week, I noticed that she had placed the Great Illustrated Classics version of Oliver Twist in a predominant location in the library.  The book was face out on the beginning fiction shelves.  She surely intended for a child to check out this version of our latest classic work.  Instead I snatched up the book to compare it to my intimidating copy.

Now Oliver Twist is a sad book.  Really sad.  Orphans and workhouses.  Doesn’t the children’s book cover seem friendlier than the illustration that’s on the cover of my Modern Library copy?

But it was these two pages that made me walk out of the school library with the children’s version tucked in my bag…

A character list!  You know how important one is for my reading. 

That evening when the plot became so terribly sad in the very first chapter of my reading, I looked in the Great Illusrated Classics version and for moment could pretend that with a concerned doctor and loving nurse, things were going to be okay for our newborn orphan.

I want to read the children’s version of Oliver Twist.

and to my librarian friend… I promise to give the kids a chance to read it.

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