Because there weren’t enough Stupid Questions

27 Jan

My Classy Friends (as one of our dear classy friends calls us) suggested that I should start a new series here on Ye Ole Blog that explores the vocabularic ignorance that seems to plague me.

For the purposes of this series I will assume that you also, dear reader, are unfamiliar with these words.  I will define the word, give you the literary context from which it came, and then suggest a way to work the syllables into the day to day conversations of a Classically Mad Mother.

So, here it is, the first ever installment of:

Today’s word is from the first chapter, in fact the first page, of Jane Eyre.

cavillers – n. people who quibble or find fault or objection

Classic Usage:  Jane’s aunt is explaining to Jane that she may not play with her cousins because the maid, Bessie, has observed that she was not a content and happy child.   Jane asks, “What does Bessie say I have done?” and her aunt replies, “Jane, I don’t like cavillers or questionsers; besides . . .”

Classically Mad Usage:  In order to apply this word to modern situations I doubt I will have to extend myself far from Aunt Reed’s context.  One or more of my children could surely be identified as a caviller on a daily basis.  Also, I greatly appreciate Aunt Reed’s use of the word “besides.”


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