Eliza’s Time-Management

09 Feb

Big sister Eliza – Overbearing, ultra-organized, spinster.

Little sister Georgiana – Vain, flirt, time-waster.

Eliza finally “loses it” one day and spews forth her life-plan, which she believes should be emulated, not only by Georgiana, but by all:

Have you no sense to devise a system which will make you independent of all efforts, and all will, but your own?   Take one day; share it into sections; to each section apportion its task; leave no stray unemployed quarters of an hour, ten minutes, five minutes, include all; do each piece of business in its turn with method, with rigid regularity.  The day will close almost before you are aware it has begun; and you are indebted to no one for helping you to get rid of one vacant moment;  you have had to seek no one’s company, conversation, sympathy, forbearance:  you have lived, in short, as an independent being ought to do.

Oh, how sad, Eliza.   I’m all for organization and I love my lists, but I pray that I will never get to this point.  What a warning!   Never be too busy “doing” that you cease “caring.”    Never favor the task over the people in your life.  Otherwise, you will end up like this poor woman – alone.

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One response to “Eliza’s Time-Management

  1. norma carey

    March 2, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    OK – am late getting into the game cuz you guys didn’t tell me about this web site so I kept checking fb and nothing! Anyway, I was proud of myself for picking up a “foreshadow” in chapter 8(or should I write viii) when the “elf child” Pearl “stole softly towards him (Dimmesdale), and taking his hand in the grasp of her own, laid her cheek against it;…”Is that my Pearl?” Yet, she knew that there was love in the child’s heart…” I said “he has to be the father!”

    Also, I appreciated the chapter entitled “Leech” as Hawthorne writes “Chillingsworth attached himself to the young clergyman.”…

    I am truly into this book (did you know I have a really old copy?) since I never read it I wish I knew for whom this copy originates. On the inside cover is written Chicago, Ill. 1908 and nothing more.


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