What happened to Richard Mason?

16 Feb

Classic Case of Madness has just received breaking news.

Before dawn today Richard Mason was whisked away by carriage from Thornfield Hall to an undisclosed location..  A very pale and weak Mr. Mason was seen favoring his bandaged shoulder and arm as he climbed into the carriage with local surgeon Dr. Carter.  Mr Mason had only arrived at Thornfield last night.  Servants say homeowner Edward Fairfax Rochester was entertaining guests, some of which included: the Lady Ingram and her lovely daughter Blanche, Sir George and Lady Lynn, and Senior Edwardo. When questioned about the situation,  Dr Carter would not give a statement, claiming he must maintain doctor-patient confidentiality. Mr. Rochester was unavailable for comment.  Sources say strange occurances have happened at Thornfield Manor previously.  Servents have heard unusual noises coming from the third level of the mansion.

What happened to Mr. Mason while staying at Thornfield?

We here at CCM News will continue to investigate this story.

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