Hello again, Martin!

24 Feb

It’s always nice to run into a friend when you’re reading.  Remember when we were stuck in the Slough of Despond with Christian and Pliable and we ran into dear, sweet, sainted Dr. Luther in the endnotes.  His presence was a pleasant surprise, it’s just too bad he couldn’t hang around for more of the story.

Well, guess what?  I ran across him again.  I’m afraid he and Pearl were hanging out in the same boat.  Their reputations as ‘Little Hellions’ tied them together.

[Hester] remembered – betwixt a smile and a shudder – the talk of the neighbouring townspeople; who, seeking vainly elsewhere for the child’s paternity, and observing some of her odd attributes, had given out that poor little Pearl was a demon offspring; such as, ever since old Catholic times, had occasionally been seen on earth, through the agency of their mothers’ sin, and to promote some foul and wicked purpose.  Luther, according to the scandal of his monkish enemies, was a brat of that hellish breed; . . .

I don’t care what they say, Martin, I really like both you and Pearl.


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2 responses to “Hello again, Martin!

  1. Jeannette

    February 24, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Well, you beat me to it! I was going to post about this as well. It was nice to see Martin, wasn’t it?


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