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14 Mar

cabalistic – adj. having a mystical, esoteric meaning

Classical Usage:  Hester and Pearl travel to Governor Bellingham’s house to deliver a pair of gloves.  Although he is a “grave old Puritan ruler” the house is quite a spectacle.  The stucco is covered with bit of glass which make it sparkle in the sunshine and “it was further decorated with strange and seemingly cabalistic figures and diagrams, suitable to the quaint taste of the age, which had been drawn in the stucco when newly laid on, and had now grown hard and durable, for the admiration of after times.”

Classically Mad Usage:  Inquiring minds want to know – what were these figures?  Were they in any way related to the Governor’s sister, and rumored witch, Mistress Hibbons?  Also, do they look anything like the greasy, and sometimes penciled spots that decorate my walls?  And if I start calling the designs cabalistic is it fine if I keep them there a bit longer?

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