Bon Voyage!

21 Mar


Here are the Top Five Reasons to book a vacation on or near the water:

(Taken From Chapter One of Moby Dick)

1.   It relieves the “damp, drizzly November in the soul,” being, therefore, a good substitute for the “pistol and ball.”

2.  “There is magic in it.”  Apparently, when you set any man’s feet “a-going,” they will invariably go to the water.

3.  Because the boy/girl inside you has always longed for the sea.

4.  When you are in the prairies in June, wading amid the tiger-lilies, the only charm wanting is – wait for it – WATER!   (Oh, and boy, I can really relate to this one having grown up in Michigan and living for 5 years in Nebraska!)

5.  (This is my favorite.)  “…as everyone knows, meditation and water are wedded forever.”

Go book that cruise right now!

(Although, Melville (or at least Ishmael) would argue that being a hired hand on the cruise ship would be even more beneficial, and less sea-sickness-causing, than being a paid passenger.)

After reading Chapter One, I was half a mind to find a whaling vessel myself.

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