Plish! Plash! Demi’s Taking a Bath

23 Mar

plashy adj. watery, wet

Classical Usage:   Rejuvenated by his renewed relation with Hester, Dimmesdale makes his way back through the overgrown woods, “. . .he leaped across the plashy places, thrust himself through the clinging underbrush, , climbed the ascent, plunged into the hollow, and overcame, in short, all the difficulties of the track, with an unweariabel activity that astonished him.”  My copy of TSL also included an endnote about this passage that mentions its, well, um, connotations.  I’ll leave you with that.  If you can’t figure out what they’re referring to I suggest you revisit the Demi Moore version.

Classically Mad Usage:  I’m a little worried, for years I’ve been using the word “splashy.”  Have I ignorantly added the ‘s’ and had people snickering at me?  Wait, maybe they’ve actually been nickering at me.  Oh no.

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