Close Your Eyes and Hear the Waves. And Ishmael.

25 Mar

According to people “in the know,”  Moby-Dick is even better if heard aloud.  Here’s Nathaniel Philbrick on the subject of Melville’s poetry,

Moby-Dick is a novel, but it is also a book of poetry.  The beauty of Melville’s sentences is such that it sometimes takes me five minutes or more to make my way through a single page as I reread words aloud, feeling the rhythms, the shrewdly hidden rhymes, and the miraculous way he manages consonants and vowels.

For more on Philbrick’s book Why Read Moby-Dick? check out this great post by our friend Adriana.  She helps buckle up your life jacket and preps you to jump into the whale-infested waters with us.

Then, pop over to LibriVox and you can listen to the entire novel read aloud for free.  It’s broken down by chapter chunks, so you can read a little, listen a little, reread what you’ve heard, or rehear what you’ve read.

I’m even thinking of pulling out one of the old baby swings to play some ambient ocean sounds and really set the mood.


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2 responses to “Close Your Eyes and Hear the Waves. And Ishmael.

  1. Sofia

    March 28, 2012 at 4:30 am

    I agree, Moby-Dick on tape is one of the best audiobooks out there!


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