Pequodratic Equations

24 Apr

metempsychosis – passing of the soul at death into another body

Classical Usage:  In Chapter 98 Ishmael tells us about the whaling cycle that involves the messy process of killing the whale and harvesting the spermacetti, followed by the intense cleaning just to do it all over again.  He ends the chapter with this paragraph, where he imagines Pythagoras has been reincarnate as a novice sailor, “Oh! the metempsychosis! Oh! Pythagoras, that in bright Greece, two thousand years ago, did die, so good, so wise, so mild; I sailed with thee along the Peruvian coast last voyage – and, foolish as I am, taught thee, a green simple boy, how to slice a rope!  Be that as it may, Ishmael, I think you’d be pretty happy to have your good buddy Pyth along if you happened to sail into the Bermuda Triangle.

Classically Mad Usage:  This is simple, I don’t believe in metempsychosis.

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