As the “Big 40” Approaches…

14 May

…I really appreciate Stowe’s commentary in Chapter 13:

“So much has been said and sung of beautiful young girls, why don’t somebody wake up to the beauty of old women?”


(Actually, the first thing that struck me about this quote was the vernacular/improper use of “don’t somebody” – was she trying to speak in the slave dialect here or just getting “hot under the collar” about a pet peeve?  Who knows?  But, I still agree!)


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2 responses to “As the “Big 40” Approaches…

  1. Norma Carey

    May 14, 2012 at 7:43 am

    And today, they are attributing the TV series Desperate Housewives to waking up the world about women over 40! (Sorry to say I did watch it but glad the finale was last night). However, not my idea of portraying the “model” older woman!
    OK – so leave it to me to make “modern” connections but at my age, I am always making these types of comparisons. Not exactly in the literary, academic mode but love reading these classics and will always be grateful to you women for getting me started.

  2. Adriana @ Classical Quest

    May 14, 2012 at 10:33 am

    HBS is a sweet, encouraging lady. She feels like a good friend. Her loving, wise, maternal presence is refreshing after giving Herm-the-Monomaniac my undivided attention for over a month. The Whale was good, but Herm was a taker and Harriet is a giver. Has anyone else felt the difference?


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