I spy Bunyan

18 May

I believe that Beecher Stowe must have been a fan of Bunyan. So far I’ve noticed references to Bunyan in three different chapters of Uncle Tom’s Cabin: VIII, XI, and XV.

Are there similarities between PP and UTC?

Christian was trying to get to the Celestial City.  Eliza, George, and Harry are trying to get to Canada.

Fellow reader Norma already commented that the characters in Uncle Tom’s Cabin “seem to be very one-sided – too perfect or too evil.”  Her comment reminded me of Bunyan’s characters in Pilgrim’s Progress; they weren’t “real people” but were tools that the author used to tell his story.

Have any of you spotted Bunyan in our current book?


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One response to “I spy Bunyan

  1. Adriana @ Classical Quest

    May 18, 2012 at 8:30 am

    I confess I’ve only noticed Bunyan because she has referred to him by name. The first time I think she said something about a person having what Bunyan called a “doggish” nature. Was that from PP?


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