Wrong Number

28 May

dunning – v. persistently demanding payment of debt

Classical Usage:  While Tom is at the St Clare’s we momentarily flash up to Kentucky to find the Shelby’s still in financial distress.  As Mr. Shelby puts it, “Once get business running wrong, there does seem to be no end to it.  It’s like jumping from one bog to another, all through a swamp; borrow of one to pay another, and the borrow of another to pay one, – and these confounded notes falling due before a man has time to smoke a cigar and turn around, – dunning letters and dunning messages, – all scamper and hurry-scurry.”

Classically Mad Usage:  We used to get dunning phone calls here for someone who shared our last name, but was of no relation.  I wish I would have known then that I could have said, “Please stop dunning us, we don’t know any Monicas.”  I bet they don’t hear that sentence much, it surely would have been a nice change of pace for the collectors.

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