Goodnight and God Bless You

01 Jun

paillasse –  n.  thin mattress stuffed with straw or sawdust

Classical Usage:  Uncle Tom takes a beating, and that night Cassy shows up to help him.  He attempts to thank her, and she gets a bit snippy with him, but continues her care, “Don’t call me Missis!  I’m a miserable slave, like yourself, – a lower one than you can ever be!”  she said bitterly; “but now, ” said she, going to the door, and dragging in a small paillasse, over which she had spread linen cloths wet with cold water, “try, my poor fellow, to roll yourself on to this.”

Classically Mad Usage:  Our children can sleep practically anywhere.  Hard floor?  No problem.  Toddler bed with no mattress, just a sheet of plywood?  Why not.  A paillasse?  I can’t see why not, although the sneezing would probably keep me awake.

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