Reward for Madame

19 Jun

The madame in the title is me.  I need a reward, a carrot, to keep me reading this book.  I’m still in part one, but to quote Jeannette,

“Madame Emma Bovary is getting on my nerves.”

I totally agree with you, Jeannette.

I did some searching, looking for a movie version of Flaubert’s work.  See, I didn’t watch Moby-Dick and the only Uncle Tom’s Cabin I plan on watching is the clip from “The King and I” that includes a horribly botched rendition of the story. (That musical is waiting for me at the library.)  It’s time to see how another novel was translated to the big screen.

I’m looking for a movie reward: something that I can watch while eating croissants and pretending that I remember even a little of the French I took in high school.

Oh, the choices!

This is the BBC’s version.This one was made as a tv miniseries.I even found a trailer for this one.  If you’d like a sneak peek into the story, click on the image.

I spied additional adaptations as well.  This could be almost as much fun as when I watched Jane Eyre.  Now if I could just finish the book.

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