I’ll Spare You a Picture

20 Jun

foulard – n.  light-weight woven silk, usually with a patterned print

Classical Usage:  This word just keeps popping up, I’m not even half-way through Madame Bovary and already I’ve encountered it four times.  Twice Charles is wearing a foulard on his head while sleeping with Emma (once he sees himself reflected in her eyes, the second time it’s all askew because he was used to cotton nightcaps before they married.)  The next time the elder Monsieur Bovary uses Emma’s entire supply of eau de Cologne to perfume his foulard.  And the final time Léon buys a whole new supplie of foulard handkerchiefs.

Classically Mad Usage:  I once bought a square scarf for $0.15 at a thrift store that’s patterned and possibly silk.  If I spray on some of my body splash and tie it around my head while I sleep tonight do you think I can call it a foulard?

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