Thar She Blows!

26 Jun

All hands on deck!  I spy more whales!
It’s time to share another used book sale find!

The book is called Tenggren’s Pirates, Ships, and Sailors.  Written by Kathryn and Byron Jackson, it’s ”A Golden Book” that was originally published in 1950.  Gustaf Tenggren is the illustrator.

The copy I found is from 1971 and with a cover like this… well, the book had to come home with me.

Pirates, Ships, and Sailors is heavy on the pirates, ships, and sailors, but I did find the following whaling poem with this fantastic illustration.

The Whale, the Whale
by Kathryn and Byron Jackson

 “Leave the salt sea to me!”
Says the whale.
Chase him–he’ll break up your boats                                Blowing his spout,
With his tail.                                                                       Rolling and tolling, big as a ship,
Seek him–he’ll hide                                                           With a whale of a smile
In the depths of the sea,                                                   On his whale of a lip!
Deep in the shadowy, fathomless sea,                             Sing out, “She blows!”
Down with the trembling anemone,                                  And then look out–
Down with the wrecks of ships                                         He’ll disappear with a flip of his tail,
He’ll hide.                                                                          “My terrible tail,”
Under the waves,                                                              Says the terrible whale.
Under the tide,                                                                  And he may come up twenty miles away,
“Deep in the dark salt sea!”                                              Or half a world,
Says the whale.                                                                Or a year and a day,
“Leave it to me, the dark salt sea;                                    Or never again in the bright salt sea.
Leave the salt sea to me!”                                                “It just might be,
Start for home, and he’ll rise again                                   You’ll never see me again in the sea!”
Up to the surface,                                                             Says the whale.

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One response to “Thar She Blows!

  1. Christina Joy

    June 30, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    This is wonderful, I especially like the “trembling anemone.”


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