The Starbucks of 19th c. Russia

08 Aug

samovar – n.  a Russian tea urn, usually ornate with a spigot at the bottom

Classical Usage:  The first of many samovars in C&P appeared at the end of Part One-Chapter V when the couple on the street is encouraging Lizaveta to branch out and make a business deal on her own without her sister’s interference.  Here’s the conversation that starts with the husband:  “Between six and seven tomorrow, and one of those people will arrive, so you can make the deal in person.”  “Around the samovar,” his wife added.  “All right, I’ll come,”  Lizaveta said . . .

Classically Mad Usage:  I’m primarily a coffee drinker, but I like a good cup of tea, and special equipment always makes things more fun.  Maybe I should put a samovar on my Christmas list.  Then again, my tea pot serves me just fine.


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