All That Glitters

09 Aug

bedizened – adj.  gaudily dressed

Classical Usage:  When Raskolnikov is summoned to the police station we get to play a little bit of one of my favorite games:  people watching.  In particular, there is a lady talking with with one of the officers that is described as an extremely plump and conspicuous woman, with reddish-purple blotches, all too magnificently dressed, and with a brooch the size of a saucer on her bosom . . . later she is introduced and called over. “Why don’t you sit down, Louisa Ivanovna,” he said in passing to the bedizened reddish-purple lady.

Classically Mad Usage:  Remember the Bedazzler?  It became famous during the third season of The Apprentice when Tana broke hers out and earned a spot as runner-up.  Bedazzler.  Bedizened.  I so get it.

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