Who? What? Wait!

10 Aug

scofflaw – n.  one who violates the law contemptuously

Classical Usage:  At the end of Part Two – Chapter VI Raskolnikov ends up back at the scene of the crime.  The workman hanging wallpaper are a little unsettled by his presence, and they walk down with him into a group a people, two caretakers, a woman and a tradesman in a smock.  I’ll admit, this very odd scene was a little confusing to me, but here’s a portion of the dialog,  Scofflaw!” cried the woman.  “Why go on talking to him” shouted the other caretaker, a huge man in an unbuttoned coat and with keys on his belt.  “Clear out! . . . Yes, he’s a scofflaw! . . . Clear out!”  And seizing Raskolnikov by the shoulder, he threw him into the street.

Classically Mad Usage:  I’m going to be a scofflaw and flagrantly break my own Classic Word of the Day rules.  I don’t want to talk about how I’m going to use the word, I just want to talk about that “tradesman in the smock”.  If it weren’t for going back to look at the context of this word I would have never noticed him there.  Did you?

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