Clean Bill of Heath

22 Aug

scrofulous – adj.  having signs of scrofula, a swelling of the glands, probably tuberculosis OR morally corrupt

Classical Usage:  In Part Five Chapter I we get a description of Andrei Semyonovich Lebezyatnikov, Svid’s current roommate, and a progressive, This Andrei Semyonovich was a thin-blooded and scrofulous little man, small of stature, who worked as an official somewhere, was strangely towheaded, and had side-whiskers shaped like mutton-chops, which were his great pride.  So my question is did he have TB, or was this description a commentary on his political beliefs, or both?

Classically Mad Usage:  I once had an “irregular” TB test.  I’m sure glad it was nothing and that I didn’t become scrofulous.

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