Earrings, Necklace and a Bracelet?

23 Aug

frippery – adj.  something unnecessary, showy, and frivolous

Classical Usage:  In Part Five Chapter II we’re hanging out at the funeral dinner.  For a really long time.  A really, really long time.  Maybe it was just me, but these chapters drug a little, and I’m usually one who likes a good silly argument scene, but I was just embarrassed for Sonia’s newly-widowed stepmother Katerina Ivanovna when she started throwing sideways insults at her landlady’s choice of guest  “. . . he certainly bears no resemblance  to those frippery skirt-swishers . . .”

Classically Mad Usage:  When deciding how to accessorize it’s important to remember that the slope to frippery is slippery.

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