No Croissant Sandwiches and Salad Buffets

24 Aug

pettifogger – n.  a lawyer who quibbles over petty things

Classical Usage:  We’re still at the funeral luncheon.  I don’t think it was even a yummy one.  Our church throws super-yummy funeral luncheons, but rarely do they have as much drama as this one.  Pyotr Petrovich came in and accused Sonya of stealing, and Katerina Ivanovna’s not having it:  “You, you’re a fool, a pettifogger, a base man!  Sonya, Sonya take his money?  Sonya a thief?  Why, she’d sooner give you money, fool!”

Classically Mad Usage:  I know some attorneys.  They are not pettifoggers, which is good, because that just sounds like a terrible word to bandy about.

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