15 Sep

Oh, Flaubert.  Here you are again popping into my head as I read the Russian novel.

Dounia is waiting for Rask in his apartment.  She knows.  Raskolnikov tells her he thought about suicide but couldn’t do it.

     “Yes, I am going.  At once.  Yes, to escape the disgrace I thought of drowning myself, Dounia, but as I looked into the water, I thought that if I had considered myself strong till now I’d better not be afraid of disgrace,” he said, hurrying on. “It’s pride, Dounia.”
      “Pride, Rodya.”
      There was a gleam of fire in his lustreless eyes; he seemed to be glad to think that he was still proud.
      “You don’t think, sister, that I was simple afraid of the water?” he asked, looking into her face with a sinister smile.

Rodion Raskolnikov is no Emma Bovary.  She commits suicide to avoid the shame and suffering that was going to come from her actions.  Her pride won’t let her face her future.  Raskolnikov is ready to face his punishment.  There will be no mouthful of arsenic for him.  He’s too proud for that.

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One response to “Pride

  1. Adriana @ Classical Quest

    September 15, 2012 at 6:38 am

    Very interesting connection!


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