Almost the End

13 Oct

Anna Karenina Part II, chapter 21

Vronksy’s secret love for Anna is causing him to experience a strange feeling.  Jeannette’s translation uses the word revulsion.  Mine chose “loathing”.  Whichever word you choose, Vronsky’s lies and deceit are causing him shame and guilt.

“Yes, we must put an end to it,” he decided.

But there are hundreds of pages left in the book, so what does our author do?  In the very next chapter, Tolstoy complicates things for our main characters.

“I’m with child,” she said, softly and deliberately.

Oh, Vronsky, you were so close to breaking it off.

Fellow readers, I knew a little bit about Anna Karenina before we started.  I’d heard somewhere that it was similar to Madame Bovary but in Russian.  I even know a little bit about the ending of our novel.

What I did not know was that there was going to be a baby.

Vronsky should have ended before he even started.

What surprises have you had while reading our latest book?

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