Never again!

07 Nov

Anna Karenina Part V, chapter 14

Kitty and Levin are married.  Everyone blissfully sigh with me, “Awwwww.”  Levin was late to the wedding, and there was that little moment when he had to receive the sacrament while being unsure of his faith, but now everything is smoothly sailing along for our newlyweds (unlike for our recently shacked-up couple Anna and Vronksy who are in Italy… but anyway…)

Kitty is the “lady of the house”, making decisions about all things domestic.  Levin’s bewildered by all of the details which are so important to his bride.

“He did not know how great a sense of change she was experiencing; she, who at home had sometimes wanted some favorite dish, or sweets, without the possibility of getting either, now could order what she liked, buy pounds of sweets, spend as much money as she liked, and order any puddings she pleased.”

I am with you, Kitty!  I got married and started making menus and grocery lists.
Ah, the power!
Chop Suey for dinner?  “Never again!” I declared.
What about Ham and Beans”  “Nope!”
I am the master of my menu.  I am the captain of my shopping cart.

Enjoy the pudding, Kitty.

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