Dead, yet?

08 Nov

There are parts of Anna Karenina, Part V that are sweet, and tender… and sad.  Levin’s brother Nikolay is dying.  Kitty threw a fit so that Levin would take her with him to care for Nikolay.  Levin resisted initially, but he quickly became ever so grateful that his bride has taken over Nikolay’s care.  In chapter 20 of Part V the priest is there.  Last rites are given.  A brother is slipping away.  The priest makes one little mistake.

     “He is gone,” said the priest, and would have moved away; but suddenly there was a faint stir in the mustaches of the dead man that seemed glued together, and quite distinctly in the hush they heard from the bottom of the chest the sharply defined sounds:
“Not quite…soon.”

Upon reading those lines, I snorted.
Yes, I did.
I snorted because those lines sounded familiar.  They reminded me of the hundreds of times my husband has quoted “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. The “Bring out your dead.” scene is one of his favorites.  Not familiar with the movie?  You can watch a clip on YouTube.

Nikolay and the Dead Body that Claims it Isn’t

I never would have imagined.  Tolstoy and Monty Python could have been buds.  Buds with a twisted sense of humor but buds.

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One response to “Dead, yet?

  1. Jeannette

    November 9, 2012 at 8:38 am

    David and I got a chuckle from this last night. Very nice connection. 🙂 Funny how our husbands quote the same things…I’m surprised I didn’t pick it up.


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