Fill in the Blank

11 Nov

________________ found in her all that he wanted in his wife: she was poor and alone in the world, so she would not bring with her a mass of relations and their influence into her husband’s house…

She would owe everything to her husband, which was what he had always desired too for his future family life.

Can you fill in the blank with the name of the character who thought these lines?

Need some help?
Here.  I’ll give you two choices.

Pyotr Petrovich Luzhin     or      Sergey Ivanovitch Koznyshev

Were you a tiny bit fooled?  Do you remember Luzhin from Crime and Punishment?  He was the character that was engaged to Dunya.  He wanted to marry a poor girl so that she would be indebted to him.  Koznyshev sounds just like Luzhin here, doesn’t he? (AK, Part VI, chap. 4)

After I read this section, I wasn’t disappointed that the proposal to sweet Varenka didn’t happen.

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