The Grass is (Again) Still Greener…

13 Nov

We saw it coming, didn’t we?   Anna and Vronsky are convinced that the only way they can be happy is through freedom from confining societal restrictions, freedom from the bonds of marriage, and freedom from vocational responsibilities.   By escaping these bonds, they will be eternally, blissfully happy.   Somehow, we’re not so sure.

And, sure enough, their freedom does not bring with it the lovely green grass they desire.

Vronsky meanwhile, in spite of the complete fulfillment of what he had so long desired, was not completely happy.   He soon felt that the realization of his longing gave him only one grain of the mountain of bliss he had anticipated.  That realization showed him the eternal error men make by imagining that happiness consists in the gratification of their wishes.   When first he united his life with hers…he felt the delight of freedom in general…and also the freedom of love – he was contented then, but not for long.   Soon he felt rising in his soul a desire for desires – boredom.

And I don’t think it’s just men that imagine happiness consisting in the gratification of their wishes.   I think Anna feels the same way and is just as disappointed when she senses Vronsky’s discontentment.   Somehow, their freedom turns into slavery.  They are imprisoned by new bonds – those of jealousy, boredom, and regrets.  And this prison term ends in a death sentence.

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