What Not to Wear

30 Nov

I’m sure by now you’ve been over to your local Banana Republic and scoped out the Anna Karenina line of clothing.  Maybe you even got your holiday allotment of fur and sparkle while you were there. Personally, I’ve been shopping the signature Dolly Oblonsky line available at our local second-hand store.

But don’t set out looking to model yourself after Egdon Heath, you’ll just be disappointed.  I can assure you that no store, high or low-end, will be carrying The Return of the Native couture this season.  Hardy made his feelings on mankind’s ostentatious apparel clearly known.

Ever since the beginning of vegetation its soil had worn the same antique brown dress, the natural and invariable garment of the formation.  In its venerable one coat lay a certain vein of satire on human vanity in clothes.

Egdon.  Sounds a lot like Eden, don’t you think?

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