Eustacia Quixote

16 Dec

I’m getting little hints of Don Quixote throughout The Return of the Native.  I think it all started in Book Second, chapter three.  First Eustacia has a strange dream where she is dancing with a man in “silver armor“.  He’s even wearing a helmet and visor.  “Oh!” I thought, “this reminds me of our old friend DQ.”  Then in the very same chapter, the narrator uses a word I will always associate with Don Quixote–sally.

“The fifth sally was in the afternoon; it was fine, and she remained out long, walking to the very top of the valley in which Blooms-End lay.

Miss Vye is trying to, oh, so casually, run into newcomer Clym Yeobright.  All those trips out on the heath were for naught.

That’s okay… I have it on good authority that in just a few pages Eustacia will get to don armor herself.  Maybe even in the form of a cardboard helmet, just like our old errant knight.

PS.  Anyone else feeling a Christian Cantle/Sancho Panza connection?  Maybe I just miss Don Quixote.  Why is it the further away I get from some novels the more I like them?


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One response to “Eustacia Quixote

  1. Christina Joy

    December 17, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    I had not picked up on this, but I love it. (And yes, I secretly miss our sallying pair as well.)


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