Pilgrims on the Heath

08 Jan

Book Third, Chapter seven

Mrs. Yeobright refuses to attend Clym and Eustacia’s wedding, but she does want to send a gift.  She trusts Christian to deliver money to the happy couple and her niece Thomasin.  Did you catch that?  She trusts Christian Cantle.  Yes, Christian.  The man who reminded me of Sancho.

In this chapter Christian Cantle reminds me of another Christian we’ve met: Christian from Pilgrim’s Progress.  Here we have C.C. with the Yeobright money in his boots.  He’s off  to deliver the inheritance.  Instead he’s tempted to visit Vanity Fair, I mean, to go to a raffle and then to a very serious gambling session in the woods.  You saw trouble coming, didn’t you.  Just like me, you knew that this Christian’s burden was going to fall off way too soon.  Those coins were never going to make it to Mistover Knapp.  Thankfully, the Reddleman was there to save the day.  From now on I’ll just call Venn, Greatheart.

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Posted by on January 8, 2013 in The Return of the Native


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One response to “Pilgrims on the Heath

  1. Ruth

    January 8, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    I just kept thinking, “I hope he’s wearing socks b/c I wouldn’t want to touch those coins after they’ve been in his boots!” Did that cross anyone’s mind, or was I over-thinking the situation?


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