Here we go again!

10 Jan

It’s that time again.  Time to find a copy of the next book.  Very soon A Classic Case of Madness will be starting book fourteen on the WEM fiction list:Portrait of a Lady

The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

Henry James is a realist, one who employs the use of a confidant.  What’s a confidant?  Cliffs Notes explains, “The confidant is a person of great sensibility to whom the main character reveals his or her innermost thoughts (as long as they are within the bounds of propriety). The confidant is essentially a listener and in some cases an adviser.”


“Essentially, the confidant observes the action from a distance, comments on this action, and is a person of exceptional sensitivity and perception, who allows the main character to respond more deeply and subtly to certain situations.”

Fellow readers, you are our confidants.  Your comments allow us to “respond more deeply” to the stories we read.  Grab a copy of the classic, and get ready to join us as we follow the main character Isabel Archer in The Portrait of a Lady.

I’ll leave you with Amazon’s description of Henry James’ story:

Capturing the grandeur of a gracious, splendid Europe of wealth and Old World sensibilities, this glorious, complex novel has become a touchstone for a great writer’s entire literary achievement. From the opening pages, when the high-spirited American girl Isabel Archer arrives at the English manor Gardencourt, James’s luminous, superbly crafted prose creates an atmosphere of intensity, expectation, and incomparable beauty.

Here are the details:  SWB recommends this edition.  Here’s the link up for Kindle version.  And here’s the Kindle freebie which is divided into Volume I and Volume II.

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One response to “Here we go again!

  1. Norma carey

    January 10, 2013 at 11:22 am

    American vs. English – Shirley McClain vs. Maggie Smith – At times I feel like I am reading humorous quips – something out of the Importance of Being Ernest and then again, a very up to date novel about two female free thinkers of the day. Not sure exactly what emotions I am to be having. I am delving into it wholeheartedly, even using my handy dandy dictionary this time. And obviously, a welcome change from the “desperate housewives” As with all the classics I have read, I am never sure just what I am going to get out it but I love reading them – just for the experience of well written literature. So many words that we never use anymore!


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