15 Jan

In The Portrait of a Lady chapter 1, we meet three people: an elderly invalid, his sickly looking son, and a handsome English gentleman.

In chapter 1, we discover the names of the characters and a little background info about them.  Mr. Daniel Touchett is an American who has done business in England the past thirty years.  Mr. Ralph Touchett is the unwell son who cares for his father.  Lord Warburton is Ralph’s handsome friend who is in fact English nobility.

In chapter 1, we find out that Mr. Touchett’s niece is coming to visit, and he does not want Lord Warburton to fall in love with her.  It’s true.  He says it twice.

Well, you may fall in love with whomsoever you please but you mustn’t fall in love with my niece,” said the old man. (Collateral Classic pg.8)

In case Warburton wasn’t taking Touchett seriously, he says it again only two pages later.

“Will you at least let me know when your cousin arrives? Lord Warburton asked.
“Only on the condition I’ve mentioned–that you don’t fall in love with her!” Mr. Touchett replied.

So, do you think James wants us to be on the look out for love between the Lord and the Lady?


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2 responses to “Subtle?

  1. Ruth

    January 15, 2013 at 10:16 am

    By the second time, I was thinking Touchett desired Warburton to fall in love with his niece, as he was brining enough attention to the idea.


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