True That

28 Jan

Classic Word of the Dayprevaricate – v.  to evade or deviate from the truth

Classical Usage:  I was so sad to see Daniel Touchett die.  That was one funny man, even on his deathbed in Chapter XVIII he was full of wit.  He cracked some joke that the only way he’d be sitting up soon was if they buried him in that position as they did the ancients.  Ralph didn’t want to hear such dismal talk and commanded his father, “You mustn’t deny that your’e getting better.”  “There will be no denying it if you don’t say it,” the old man answered.  “Why should we prevaricate just at the last?  We never prevaricated before.  I’ve got to die some time, and it’s better to die when on’s sick that when one’s well.

Classically Mad Usage:  I would be prevaricating if I said it’s always easy to come up with ways to use these words.

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