Brought to You by the Letter Q

29 Jan

Classic Word of the Dayquerulous – adj.  in a complaining, peevish, whining manner

Classical Usage:  Mr. Touchett is still hanging on and keeping me entertained in Chapter XVIII when he suggests that Ralph will need his full inheritance to take care of his mother.  Ralph  disagrees that she will need it, and suggests that Mrs. Touchett will probably outlive him.  His father replies, “Very likely she will; but that’s no reason – !” Mr. Touchett let his phrase die away in a helpless but not quite querulous sigh and remained silent again.

Classically Mad Usage:  Just this morning I found opportunity to use this word.  The word was exactly what I needed to complete an alliteration directed at my offspring, “It would be quite nice if you would quit quarrelling and being querulous and give Mommy a little quietude.”

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