Portrait Picture Quiz

03 Feb

My  Reader’s Supplement is chockfull of goodness!

This bonus material is a Picture Quiz.

Quiz 1

Here’s how it works.  Look at the five illustrations and see if you can match them with the terms.  The editors suggested you look at the listed pages where the items are mentioned.  Sadly, this will only work if you have a 1966 Collateral Classics edition.  But Kindle users, you can make use of your handy search feature.  And super-serious quiz takers, you can look in the following chapters for the items mentioned.

parterre      chapter IX
embrasure      chapter VI
gimlet      chapter  LIV
vizard      chapter  XVI
fly      chapter  LV

Rusty with Roman numerals?  Here’s a post that will help

Why was a picture quiz included in the supplement?  In the words of the editors…

Becoming familiar with the terms will provide you with
enriched appreciation.

Enriched appreciation is what the WEM project is all about!

So, here’s the image again.  If you are so inclined, leave your answers in the comments.

Quiz 1

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