“Roger and Ebert” on The Marriage

08 Feb

Isabel Archer is getting married.

Finally!!!   After all, she has had a plethora of proposals.   Thumbs Up, I say!

Oh.   Wait a minute.

It seems we have to listen to a bunch of characters weigh in on this matter.   First there is the Countess Gemini, the sister of our groom-to-be.   She gives a “thumbs down.”   As a matter of fact, she speaks of Isabel as a sacrifice on the altar of Gilbert’s satisfaction in Chapter 25.  Lord Warburton chimes in with two big “thumbs down” in Chapter 27.    And what about Ralph, the character who arguably knows Isabel the best?   Well, it’s two “thumbs down” from him as well, as we find out in Chapter 34.   His mother agrees with him.

So who is in favor of this marriage?   Anyone else give it even one thumbs up?   Well, Pansy is all for it.  But of course she is.  The girl doesn’t have a contrary bone in her body.   That leaves only one big supporter:  Madame Serena Merle.   She’s back in the corner orchestrating everything and casually giving “thumbs up” all over the place.

Perhaps I should change my vote.   Something’s just a little too perfect about Serena.



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2 responses to ““Roger and Ebert” on The Marriage

  1. Christina Joy

    February 8, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    I forgot she even had a first name.

  2. Adriana

    February 8, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    I know! “Madame Serena Merle” — doesn’t that sound smooth and seductive?


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