In Case You Haven’t Been There…

26 Mar

…Stephen Crane will make sure you can picture the battle scenes.   He seems to be master of the analogy.   Here are just a few of his similes and metaphors for war – all direct quotes:

1.  The red animal – war, the blood-swollen god, that would have it’s bloated fill.

2. Composite monster.

3. Wild, barbaric song.

4. A god with soldiers as “slaves toiling at his temple.”

5.  Redoubtable dragon, red and green.

6.  Like the grinding of an immense and terrible machine.  (That produces corpses)

7. Furnace roaring.

8.  Like two animals tossed for a death-struggle into a dark pit.

9.  A porcupine with quills of flame.

10. A pair of boxers, dodging and feinting.

11.  Two long waves swelling and pitching on each other.

How can he do this so effectively when my research tells me that he never was actually in a war?
I wonder.   Care to add any analogies you’ve found in the book?   I bet we can generate quite a list together.


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