Quite the Catch

30 Apr

Lily Bart needs to marry.  She’s twenty-nine and time is ticking.  In Book I chapter III, she has her sights set on the wealthy Percy Gryce.  He’s quite the catch.  Who cares if he’s not the most intellectually stimulating.  He’s rich!  Lily must play her cards right.  Not the ones she’d like to play in bridge, but the “gotta-reel-him-in-he’s-a-big-one” cards.THOM
This potential match is going to involve some sacrifice on Lily’s part.

…she could not ignore him on the morrow, she must followup her success, must submit to more boredom, must be ready with fresh compliances and adaptablilites, and all on the bare chance that he might ultimately decide to do her the honour of boring her for life.

Oh!  Isn’t that what all girls dream of?
A man who will bore her for life.
Percy Gryce!
Can you imagine that no one has snatched him up yet?

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One response to “Quite the Catch

  1. dangermom

    April 30, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    I feel bad for poor Percy. He’s not a bad guy, but everyone wants him for his money. He may not be very exciting, but exciting might not be the best criterion for a husband (as below). I tell you what though, there are no good men in this book. All the wealthy husbands are horrible. The young men are becoming corrupted–though I hope Percy escapes horriblitude. Selden is the nicest, and he’s kind of useless.

    In high school I was friends with a boy who was very sweet, very good, and really pretty boring. At the time I was quite happy not to get serious with him, but even then I knew that he would make someone an excellent husband someday. (And so he has, and they have 4 beautiful children, and they homeschool classically!) I did not appreciate his good qualities enough. Not that I would change my mind, because I am quite happy as I am, but it’s still true.


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