Told ya so.

20 May

The House of Mirth  Book 1, chapter 15

Lily has major money problems, and her aunt is not going to help.  So while Lily stays home “lunching and dining alone with her aunt“.  The aunt “complained of flutterings of the heart…”

I wrote in my journal: “Is the aunt going to die?  Will her heart fail?”

Yes. Yes, she will die.  Yes, her heart will fail.

Wharton doesn’t wait long to kill off Mrs. Peniston.  By Book 2, chapter 4, it’s all over.

Did I call it or what?!  Maybe for this whole DIY Master’s Degree thing, I’ll minor in foreshadowing.

PS.  While I’m braggin’ about my mad prediction skillz…
At the end of chapter 15, Lily receives an invitation to go on a cruise with the Dorsets.

Will you join us on a cruise in the Mediterranean?

There’s no question.  Lily will pack her bags.  She’s do anything to avoid her problems.

Yep, I’m definitely minoring in foreshadowing.


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One response to “Told ya so.

  1. Christina Joy

    May 20, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    I may have to hire you to do some tutoring. I read it, but refuse to believe it. Flatly refuse.


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