Two Temptations

23 May

The House of Mirth Book 2, chapter 6

Our girl, Lilly B. runs into Dorset.  He apologizes to her and says he wants/ needs her friendship.  He also wants her to give him details of his wife Bertha’s infidelity.

Lily Bart is tempted.

All her past weaknesses were like so many eager accomplices drawing her toward the path their feet had already smoothed.  She turned quickly, and held out her hand to Dorset.
“Goodbye–I’m sorry; there’s nothing in the world that I can do.”

I have to say.  I was proud of our girl.  She didn’t give in, and I kind of thought that she might.

Not too many pages later, Lily comes home to find George Dorset in her sitting room.  He doesn’t want to give up on her.  If she would only tell him what he’s sure that she knows.

Their eyes met, and for a second she trembled again with the nearness of the temptation.  “You’re mistaken; I know nothing; I saw nothing,” she exclaimed, striving, by sheer force of reiteration, to build a barrier between herself and her peril; and as he turned away, groaning out “You sacrifice us both,” she continued to repeat, as if it were a charm; “I know nothing–absolutely nothing.”

How about that.  She stayed strong.

Still… she has the letters.

I’m waiting for the third temptation.  Doesn’t it seem like there should be three?  As Lily’s situation becomes more dire, I wonder if she’ll give in in the end.

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One response to “Two Temptations

  1. Ruth @ Experiment with The Well-Educated Mind

    May 23, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    This is what really shines about Lily. I notice that every time she has an opportunity to do something of poor character, she rises above it.

    Have any of you watched the 2000 movie version of HoM on Youtube? You can watch it in parts.


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