Say what? Say what?

30 May

Classic Word of the Dayecholalia –  n.  immediate repetition of spoken language, typically associated with the childhood learning of speech, or psychiatric disorder

Classical Usage:  I knew Nick wasn’t crazy about Gatsby’s parties, but until I learned the meaning of this word I’d missed his little slam in Chapter III.  There was the boom of a bass drum, and the voice of the orchestra leader rang out suddenly above the echolalia of the garden.

Classically Mad Usage:  When we were children, my sister used to sing along with all the hymns, and yet never crack the hymnal.  What was her secret?  Studying ahead?  Screens in the front of the church?  Amazing eyesight?  Nope.  Echolalia.  She’d listen carefully, and sing the words just a tish behind the rest of the congregation, anticipating the rhymeHHo for a strong end-of-phrase finish.  Not a psychiatric disorder, just resourcefulness.  Nicely done, Stacy.

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