The Mystery Man

30 May

Jay Gatsby.   New on The Social Scene.  Knows how to throw One Heck of a Party.  But who is he?   Rumors abound.  The gossip mill loves this guy.   Maybe he’s a bootlegger?   Into oil?   A German spy?    No one’s really sure, because they have either had “a bit too much” at the party, or they can’t get past the annoyingly blasé “old sport” demeanor Gatsby projects.

So, who is this man?  Even F.S. Fitzgerald seems a bit vague at times.   Let’s play a little game, shall we?   I’ll give you two possibilities and you chime in as to which you think better describes our mystery man.  I have a few waiting in the wings as well, so look for some more to come in the next week.   I won’t reveal my biases completely until we’ve finished our game.  Susan Wise Bauer would say to use quotes or situations from the actual novel in your answer, but I’m OK w/just gut feelings as well.   Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes you feel a certain way about a character.

So here’s the first set of options:

Gatsby:  Concerned or Conceited?

Is he just a selfish prick, or does he have a heart?   On one hand, he does that “old sport” thing with everyone he meets, but on the other, he spends the night outside of Daisy’s residence, making sure she’s OK.    What say you?

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