But What About Kevin Bacon?

09 Jun

You know that Six Degrees of Separation game that people like to play?  In Lutheranism we can usually cut it down to an itsy-bitsy two degrees.  Name a good ol’ member of the LCMS and I bet I can connect myself to them with just two other of our baptized, hymn-belting, confession-reading crew.

Want to play, but need some help? You can always check out a lists of famous Lutherans, or two.  But even if you didn’t realize it your preparation has already begun, for you, my friend, read The Great Gatsby.

From now on if you find yourself in a separated pickle feel free to pull out this card.  It works like this:

Connecting J.F.W. Augsburg to Christina Joy
Degree 1:   J.F.W. Augsburg was a member of the St. Martin Lutheran Church
where Melanie Ancthon was married.
Degree 2:  Melanie went to see The Great Gatsby with her bridesmaids
where they met Jay Gatsby whom I know as Jimmy Gatz.

Slick, eh?

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