Twenty-four little hours

15 Jun

Dear Mrs. Woolf,

I have begun reading your classic novel Mrs. Dalloway.  I understand that the book describes the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of one woman over the course of one day.  Nine pages into the story I flipped ahead to see where the first chapter ended.  I quickly noticed there was no first chapter.  No first chapter, no second chapter, no chapters at all!  Mrs. Woolf, I am reading this book as part of my DIY master’s degree program.  I must take copious notes, make characters lists, highlight, bookmark, and summarize.  How am I supposed to do that when you never put any breaks in your story?

Are you familiar with the television program “24”?  The writers of the program embraced your “day in the life” mantra, with one difference; they divide up the day!  One day divided into twenty-four segments.  Why couldn’t you have done something similar?  If you didn’t want to break up the day by hour, what about day and night?  Morning, afternoon, and evening?  Based on the rumblings I’m hearing from my classmates, we are all experiencing the same frustration.

Thank you for your time (yes, I said “time”).
A discouraged reader

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One response to “Twenty-four little hours

  1. Maud

    June 16, 2013 at 1:01 am

    Dear Christine,
    The lack of division might have been relevant to Mrs Woolf….try to take a step back and think about its signification in the dynamic of the story (or she was a teacher and just saw that as a way to legally and pleasantly torture her students…That’s something I would have done.)
    Sincerely yours
    A sadistic teacher.


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